Kingdom Life Convention (KLC)

This is our ministry’s annual convention where all the branches of the ministry gather to worship, pray and listen to the word of God. It is usually a season of intense prays, miracles, signs and wonders. This intense spiritual exercise holds every year during the Easter holidays from Thursday to Sunday. Many testimonies of the workings of God has come out of these glorious meetings.


This is our mid-year praise event that brings worshippers of God from all around our community to bow before the Lordship of Jesus. It is conspicuously located in the month of June which is our month of prayer. This helps us activate the principle of praise in the midst of prayers. This worship and praise event holds every second Saturday in June. We have had very top Gospel minstrels since the event was conceived and many lives have been reached with the power of God for salvation.

Prayer Bank

This is our holy ghost filled interdominational prayer service where people from far and near come together to pray. The idea of this programme is depositing our prayers in a bank, just like you would do at a commercial bank, so that we can harvest the testimonies and breakthroughs as investments later on. This powerful event holds in the main church auditorium by 7am on the second saturday in the months of February, July and November.

Children’s Day

Children’s day is a day where we celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God over the life of our children in the ministry. We listen to the sing, act and minister to us in the word of God. It is an opportunity for them to display all the virtues they have acquired over the past one year. This glorious event often holds on the second Sunday in July of every year.

Living In Love and Harmony

This is our yearly family programme where we touch on all forms of contemporary family issues. It is a programme designed to help families achieve their family destiny. It is a ‘REAL’ session that allows members ask mind bothering questions. Every family is encouraged to take advantage of this expository event to build family strength in unity, prayers, finance and in God. This event comes up every last Saturday in October every year. Make time out to join us.

Youth Weekend

The strength of anyone is in His or her youthful days. We are a ministry that believes strongly in the future of the young generation. To this end every second weekend in August the “Dynamic Youth Fellowship” have the opportunity to minister to the people of God in prayers, music, worship, drama and the WORD. This is a time to get refreshed as a young person burning with passion for Jesus.

Gathering Of The Eagle Ministers

This is a meeting of Ministers of the Gospel that are sons and daughters in the Lord of our Father in the Lord. This meeting also allows their under leaders and workers to come and fellowship and learn under Rev. Dr. E.O Folarin’s wealth of ministerial experience. It comes up every last weekend in August which also coincides with his birthday which is usually a time of impartation of grace, power and glory.

Joshua Generation

We are also focused on the age group that is usually overlooked-The Teenagers! We are concerned with this transition stage from childhood to early adulthood. We design programmes that helps teenagers discover who they are and who God has designed them to be. Our Major event; the Teen conference holds annually, first week in August. We also hold quarterly meetings that charge them up to dominate in all of life’s endeavors.

12 Lessons (Carol)

This is our annual carol service that holds every third Friday in December. It is a night where we listen to twelve lessons relating to the birth of Jesus Christ and learn from there. It is a night of combine drama, music, worship and the word of GOD. Its usually a service that is so colourful with virtually everyone dressed in Christmas colours. It is one worship experience that you do not want to miss out on.


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